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Putney Farmers Market Schedule

Delivery Address:
17 Carol Brown Way
Putney, VT, 05346
Delivery Partners:

This pickup location is only available to CSA members who have a Buyers Account with us. If you do not have a Buyers Account but would like to pickup items from us at the Putney Farmers Market location please purchase through the Putney Farmers Market website at putneyfm.eatfromfarms.com, and consider supporting the other vendors while you are at it!

Also, Vermont Shephard products are not available through us at this location! They are available through the PFM site, though.

Curbside pickup between 11-11:30.

Pull in on Allice Holloway Drive across the street from the Putney Firestation and pull up to the big yellow and white tent. 

Please stay in line and wait your turn. The farmers market curbside pickup will be taking place during this time as well.

Please have your name and "Leaping Bear Farm CSA" clearly written and displayed.

Please stay in your car and have your trunk or back door unlocked so I can load your order.

As you exit remember to turn left onto Carol Brown Way unless you are headed to the Co-op.

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