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Vermont Shepherd

Products available from our local award-winning cheese farm, direct to your door.

Vermont Shepherd (Verano), 1/8th Wheel Wedge (Approx. 3/4#)

Buy a wedge of Vermont Shepherd's rarest and best of US sheep milk cheeses. Vermont Shepherd is a smooth and...

Invierno (Winter Cheese), 1/8 Wheel Wedge

Yesenia grew up summer’s milking cows on her dad’s farm in the Dominican Republic. David grew up tending his dad’s...

Well Aged Invierno (2 years), 1/8 Wheel

Vermont Shepherd's cow and sheep mixed milk cheese Invierno is Well aged 2 year old cheese. Highly flavorful hard...

Applewood Smoked Invierno

Our Invierno Smoked with our farm's apple trees. Highly flavorful!!!!!! Comes in approx .75 lb wedges dipped in...

Fromage Blanc

A soft, spreadable french kitchen staple. Excellent with fruit or spread on toast. Great for cooking; can substitute...

Cow's Milk Yogurt

Made with milk from The Putney School!

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