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Grass-fed Beef

Our grass-fed beef comes from our small Scottish Highland herd, consisting of one bull, Thor, and two breeding cows, Olive and Storm. Each spring Olive and Storm gives us two calfs, which will be raised for meat. It takes about 2.5 years for a Scottish Highland cow to grow to processing size. We welcomed our first calfs in spring 2020, which won't be ready until the fall in 2022. Scottish Highland beef is slow-maturing making it a premium beef which is lean, well marbled with low fat and cholesterol levels whilst remaining rich in protein and flavor. Their unique characteristic of long winter coats helps to insulate them from harsh climates and reduces the need to develop excess back fat. Not only is this breed uniquely amazing to look at but they ensure meat that is tender and succulent with a very distinct flavor. It's something special.

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