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Invierno (Winter Cheese), 1/8 Wheel Wedge

Vermont Shepherd

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Yesenia grew up summer’s milking cows on her dad’s farm in the Dominican Republic. David grew up tending his dad’s sheep in Vermont. Together, they make a mixed milk cheese called “Invierno”. The sheep milk comes from David and Yesenia’s sheep who are famous for the Vermont Shepherd cheese their milk produces. The cows milk comes from a small dairy farm just down the road. Invierno (or “winter” in Spanish) is a soft to semi-hard natural rind cheese, aged 5-6 months. Invierno is a versatile cheese with a rich, butter and mushroom flavor. It melts well and it’s delicious with cider, beer and rich savory red wines. 1/8th wheel or approximately 3/4 lb.

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